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Brain Injury Awareness Month

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March was all about Brain Injury, and more importantly, how we are more than just our brain injury. Using person-first language is a key approach at BIFSTL and how we treat our clients. “People First Language” (PFL) puts the person before the disability, and describes what a person has, not who a person is. PFL uses phrases such as “person with a brain injury,” “individuals with disabilities,” and “children with disabilities,” as opposed to phrases that identify people based solely on their disability, such as “the disabled.”

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Don’t just hear it from me, hear from a few of our clients on how we provided them support through the vocational rehabilitation process:

  • “BIFSTL has helped me with everything; anything at home, safety related, and budgeting. It made me realize strategies that can help me achieve my goals. Now, I am an independent young man.” -K.N.
  • “She (Sarah Davis) assisted me by explaining to me how my brain had to learn new paths to use the information I possessed, so I could make good assessments… I really appreciate her help.” -M.V.
  • “This service was so much more than helping me successfully get back to work… Sarah mentally supported and guided me through work, personal life, and handling changes.” -J.O.
  • “Sarah went above and beyond from the first day I met with her. She truly helped when I had no idea how I could attain my goals post stroke.” -R.E.
  • “BIFSTL provided quality supports… through conversations with the client and/or employer, planning, maintaining contact with vocational rehabilitation counselor and ensuring the client was back to work.” –L.R.

These our just a few ways that our work has empowered our clients. Our clients have described themselves as determined, independent, helpful, thankful, a father, an AV technician, hopeful and intelligent, and above all, they are More than their Brain Injuries!

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