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BIFSTL Storm Damage

Update! As of 2/7/22 we are back in our original offices:

7850 Manchester Rd.
Maplewood MO 63143

You may notice the Brain Injury Foundation of St. Louis offices are not in the usual spot, but rest assured this hasn’t affected our dedication to our clients or our ability to serve them.

We can be found at:

7850 Manchester Rd.
Maplewood MO 63143

Contacting us will be the same:
Phone: 314-645-7230
Email: [email protected]
Fax: 844-527-4893

What happened?

On Thursday, August 12, the roof of the BIFSTL building was ripped off by a severe storm that blew through.

Luckily, passing members of the Maplewood Police Department noticed something was amiss and alerted us to the damage.

We arrived to find an unintended skylight, a missing section of roof letting in the elements and much of our office covered by debris. After the initial shock wore off, our team sprang into action, quickly securing protected information like client files, and moving what we could into the half of the building that was still protected by a roof. Many thanks to the Maplewood police and fire departments for their help during this crisis.

Rebuilding the structural damage to the building, replacing the water damaged contents, and settling back in will be a lengthy process, but BIFSTL will continue our work.

view of the sky through missing roof

“It has been so humbling to see our staff and members of our community come together to keep us going. BIFSTL is resilience in action,” says BIFSTL’s executive director, Patricia Nance.

BIFSTL is still here for you!

Only two weeks after our building was all but destroyed, we were able to be back together, working for our clients in a space that will be the (temporary) home of BIFSTL.

We are so grateful to our board members for stepping up to lend their labor and connections to get things moved and rehomed. This interim office space allows business to continue as usual, and services to continue uninterrupted. We are still seeing clients, collaborating with our partners, and providing the same resources our clients and their families depend on.

The first BIFSTL office, years ago, was a barely-100-square-foot glorified storage closet. While we’ve come a long way, this is a perfect reminder that the leadership, hard work, tenacity, and determination of this team has never been defined or contained by the space.

Your donations make a difference.

BIFSTL plans to move forward on plans big and small, with some exciting new developments coming in the next year. We’ve been able to direct some resources to prioritize service continuity for our clients and referral partners, but a catastrophe like this takes its toll. Resilience, planning, hard work, and insurance can do a lot to mitigate a disaster like this. Unfortunately, insurance only covers so much. The upgrades we’ve made to our building over the years have been lost, and many personal touches just can’t be replaced.

We are so deeply grateful for all the generous offers to help. Currently, monetary donations have the biggest impact, but we’ll need you again when it’s time to come home. We look forward to rebuilding and personalizing our space again.

fireman at the scene of bifstl roof damage

You can donate here and reach out if you’d like to be updated on future volunteer needs and fundraising initiatives.

The Brain Injury Foundation of Saint Louis is a registered 501(c)(3) charity organization. Donations made to The Brain Injury Foundation of Saint Louis will be tax deductible for the year in which they are made.

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