It is the mission of The Brain Injury Foundation of Saint Louis to provide innovative community based solutions to meet the specific social and vocational needs of individuals with brain injuries. 

“Dr. Goldstein is a consummate professional with a passion for brain injury and the expertise that is so needed in our community.  I appreciate him so much and everything the Brain Injury Foundation does to assist people in their recovery and independence."
Maria M.
Elder Law, Care Management Professional
“I couldn’t have gotten back to work without Sarah’s help.  I wish I had found BIFSTL years ago.”
past client
“When the first job was not a good match, BIFSTL was able to find a better match very quickly.”
VR St. Louis South
“The service was so much more than helping me successfully get back to work after my stroke.  Sarah mentally supported and guided me through work, personal life and handling changes.”
past client
“I greatly appreciate the documentation and communication style.  Staff sent monthly progress notes and contacted VR with any concerns and successes."
VR St. Louis South
“Sarah was a godsend!  She helped me through a very trying time in my life, and I am very grateful for the help and services she provided to me. I feel as though I was not working with an advocate, but instead a partner and friend.”
former client
“Everyone that helped me at BIFSTL is fantastic.  Thank you Very much and keep up the great work!”
former client
“I wouldn’t be working if it wasn’t for BIFSTL.”
former client
“It was wonderful to see my client find a new career he enjoys so much!”
VR St. Louis West
“I was very pleased the staff went above my expectations and I would have no problem recommending these services."
former client
“The support from Sarah was tremendous.  I learned things about my injury that I never knew, even with all the rehab I had.  She was invaluable in her knowledge and support in getting me to feel good about going back to work."
J & KR
former client and his wife
“It was a pleasure working with BIFSTL.  Sarah went above her duties and services.  I feel that she helped save my life by helping me overcome my deficits and give me confidence in myself.  She is an asset to her field."
former patient
“Great services & placement.  They took into account my client’s strengths."
VR St. Louis West
"Dr. Goldstein has demonstrated a unique compassion and devotion to clients challenged with adjusting to life as the result of traumatic brain injury. Having known him over 15 years, he creatively devised his own innovative specialization in brain injury as a consultant, psychologist, and psychotherapist. He also works closely with his client’s care partners, providing encouragement, emotional help, and guidance in their challenges in adjusting to a loved one’s life after a physical traumatic event."
Linda G.
MSW with MindBodyClinicalHypnosis
“This was a difficult case and Brittany did a great job!”
VR, St. Louis West Office
“Michelle listened to my needs and helped me through the process.  She helped me with my paperwork, made calls, and went above and beyond.  I truly appreciate all of her assistance.”

The Brain Injury Foundation of Saint Louis has been the collective dream of many professionals and students in the brain injury field since 2008. Despite the enthusiasm and passion of the originating members, BIFSTL development took a backseat to other pursuits within the brain injury community. The first efforts to convene a Board of Directors and Officers occurred in 2011 based upon the Clubhouse model of rehabilitation that has been used successfully with individuals who live with mental illness. BIFSTL is based on the vision and philosophy of "jobs first” and “community involvement” with the long term goal of using the Clubhouse Model ...

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