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Green tree with brain branches, text says Dura Mater Clubhouse

Dura Mater Clubhouse
A Shared Community for individuals with Brain Injury

  • What is a clubhouse?

    A place with a purpose and a program for people who have experienced a stroke or brain injury.  It is a place where skilled individuals with desires, aspirations, and strengths contribute to a whole.  It is a community with a mission to move every person forward toward a goal.

  • What does it offer?

    It offers a chance to use/develop skills, be productive through real work and be part of a community.  Members engage in real work that is needed to keep the Clubhouse alive and running.  Our belief is that work gives purpose and supports healing.

    • Clubhouse Support Unit – phone, reception, computer training, scheduling, newsletter, creating marketing materials
    • Upcycling Unit – no sew dog toys, loom activities, no sew rugs, plastic bag items
    • Kitchen Unit- cleaning kitchen, meal planning and preparation, shopping, money management, clean up
    • Meals on Wheels Unit – meal pick up, organization of deliveries, client check ins
    • Alchemy Cookie Unit- following recipe, organizing orders and delivery of cookies to BIFSTL, manage supplies, money management 
    • Maintenance / Cultivation Unit – clean bathroom, sanitizing tabletop surfaces, wiping chairs and light switches, empty trash in the clubhouse office and open space, vacuuming and dusting. This also requires someone to water plants, and tend to garden outside.
  • What is a typical day like?

    Members arrive between 9:00 – 9:30 am.  The morning meeting starts at 9:30 to determine the work of the day.  Members work on those projects in the morning.  Lunch is at noon.  After lunch is the group activity.  Members can choose which activities and tasks they want to work on.

  • What are the benefits?

    • Help maintain skills to prevent loss of functioning
    • Provides a transition from into community-based services
    • Respite for families and care partners
    • Reduce social isolation
    • Improve quality of life which may reduce incidents of depression, substance abuse or psychiatric admissions
    • Improve life skills, community integration, work skills and social interaction
  • How do I join?

    • The cost of membership varies, and it depends on the current benefits coverage and financial status of each individual. Private pay fees are calculated using a sliding scale method for those who are not covered or eligible for a current benefit coverage. To obtain an accurate cost estimate and service plan, prospective members may need to provide their financial background information and documentation.
    • DHSS Adult Brain Injury support is available for those who qualify

    Dura Mater Clubhouse 

    is located in the BIFSTL building at:
    7850 Manchester Rd. Maplewood MO 63143

    Give us a call and we will do an intake and see if it will be a good fit!

    314 -645 -7230 x 200


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